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Need new shots for your toddler or young child and you're on a budget??

YOU can do it!!
Getting new shots for your young child without the cost

Your toddler is a ball of energy and ever growing fun.. Spending lots of your hard earned cash to get a photo that may only reflect their size and look for maybe even a couple of months does not make sense!! I promise you can use photos taken by yourselves to submit your child to an agency or update their look!..teeth appear and disappear, hair lengths change..

If you want to do it yourself..GO AHEAD>> cell phones today have amazing cameras and it can be fun!

 Melanie Sawyer Child and Baby wrangler ,

The most beautiful light for shots in my opinion is backlight..where the sun is shining behind your child OR that lovely evening light that happens just before dusk. Use both to your advantage and grab a few photos of your child in the garden or park

 Melanie Sawyer Child and Baby wrangler ,
Get down to your childs level to take photographs.. it draws you in and gives more chances to catch those grins! Tops of head shots loose the grin and shape of your childs face :)

 Melanie Sawyer Child and Baby wrangler ,
If your child likes to play football or jump hoop or simply run.. even a cell phone camera can catch these moments and make them look awesome.. REMEMBER the light.. where is it coming from/.. blue eyes will have squints in them if your facing the sun! If your child likes to blow and chase bubbles. or walk with friends.that can be fun too!!

 Melanie Sawyer Child and Baby wrangler ,
Close up shots are lovely, If your'e dealing with a todddler I'd suggest leaning up against a table or windowsill or sitting to keep them from moving around too much on you.

 Melanie Sawyer Child and Baby wrangler ,

Light is your friend..daylight especially for these close up shots.. its soft and flat and has great color for skin tones. Find a window and sit with your back to it so that your child has a good flat light hitting their face, you can bring it up in post editing even on a cell phone if it looks dark or too light

 Melanie Sawyer Child and Baby wrangler ,
Nope, its really not necessary to dress your child to the nines with distracting clothes. Pick clean lines, not too many textures and don't worry! the client or agency will be looking at faces! Clear lensed GLASSES are a lot of fun to play with for shots.. 
TIP: in shoots we tend to remove the lenses to stop any weird reflections

 Melanie Sawyer Child and Baby wrangler ,

Please dont dress your girl up to look older than she is if you are considering photos for fashion, editorial or runway shots. Whilst pagaent photos have a lot more detail..less is more in the kids fashion industry!

 Melanie Sawyer Child and Baby wrangler ,

STOP >> DONT RETOUCH!! pleeaseeee!!
It kills me when I see the shots are retouched..I mean, really.. kills me.. please don't do it.. skin, freckles, its all real! If you warm or cool the tone of your child's skin up its giving a incorrect message of who they are to a prospective client..and the agency will not be happy receiving a message about it!! 
Be proud.. your Kids are AMMAAZIINNGG!!

                         love Mel xx

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