What is a wrangler?

 " The job of a Wrangler is to understand the needs of the client and photographer, to then create the required reaction when working with the models in front of the camera for an extended and repetitive period of time and to make sure after wards that the children feel happy & proud of the job they have just completed. "
Melanie Sawyer.

Melanie Sawyer, Wrangler
              Melanie on set

"I have had the pleasure of working with Melanie three times over the last year. Melanie's natural ability to make the children and parents on set feel comfortable magically transfers to everyone on set, from clients to crew. Having her on set instils confidence in everyone around her."
M Breitenstein, Producer.

Melanie Sawyer child wrangler
"A good wrangler can elicit the kind of reaction that pulls at parents' heartstrings,"   Parents magazine. 

Melanie Sawyer, Child and  Baby Wrangler www.Melaniesawyer.com

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