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 Melanie Sawyer Child and Baby wrangler ,

How we can help say thank you and support those who have served:

Angels of Americas Fallen.
To donate or volunteer to help!! www.aoafallen.org

 Melanie Sawyer Child and Baby wrangler ,

Melanie Sawyer, Child & Baby Wrangler www.Melaniesawyer.com

Veteran Crisis Line:
1-800-273-8255, press 1, or text 838255.

Melanie Sawyer, Child & Baby Wrangler www.Melaniesawyer.com
Veterans support 24/7  line:

You and your family or class could save up and Send a PX/BX Gift Certificate
- to a wounded service member. Anyone can purchase a gift certificate from the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES),  

**ask that it be donated to the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. This is the medical facility where all service members wounded in the Gulf or Afghanistan are treated before they are transported back to the states. 

The certificates donated will be redeemed for toiletries, sweats, undergarments, socks, pre-paid calling cards and other items of convenience or necessity for our wounded heros. 

WELCOME to Operation Healing Angel for our Wounded Warriors and Medical Heroes   
Melanie Sawyer, Child & Baby Wrangler www.Melaniesawyer.com          
Operation Healing Angel is our mission serving our wounded heroes, and their brave medical staff in the war zone as well as hospitals where our wounded are treated worldwide and stateside. 

  • And if you have kids, teach kids, mentor kids, babysit kids, then sit down   with them and have them learn what a veteran is and then what sacrifice means and then….who a wounded vet is and how they really could use a smile. And imagine how this will change and help your children remembering what sacrifices are about…and how giving back to others makes them feel good about life.

It does not take much to show your support to a wounded veterans and sometimes those wounds are not so visible.

  • Where do you send a card to a wounded warrior? ( it only takes one stamp and a sheet of paper)

               Homefront Hugs USA
               Operation Healing Angel (OHA)
              1850 Brookfield Drive
              Ann Arbor, MI 48103
We are an all volunteer organization and not tax-deductible. Yet no one earns a penny here.  100% of all you donate goes to our wounded hero needs and postage for their care packages to ship.  You can help us make sure no hero is forgotten.

If you prefer to donate to a charity that is tax-deductible, we recommend TAPS, UNICEF and Fisher House. But if you don’t mond and realize 100% goes to our wounded needs, you can use this button below to make a ONE time donation.  Thank you again from all of us who work tirelessly but gratefully for Operation Healing Angel…and all our troops.


 Melanie Sawyer Child and Baby wrangler ,
Make the Connection
Make the connection is a public awareness campaign by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that connects Veterans and their friends and families with information, resources, and solutions to issues affecting their health, well-being, and everyday lives. The campaign encourages Veterans and their families to "make the connection" — with information and resources, with the strength and resilience of Veterans like themselves, and with available resources of support. The success of
Make the Connection
depends on support from everyone who interacts with Veterans: community members around the country, Veteran Service Organizations, community-based groups, and health care providers who have direct contact with Veterans every day.

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