Melanie Sawyer child wrangler Get in touch! :)

HI guys! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my job and I'd love to hear from you!! I am unable to help get your child into an agency or to help you become a Baby Wrangler. However, I have put some of the  good Model Agencies  for children that I know of on the Agencies page and the TOP TIPS might help you too!: 

If you are looking for a  set teacher for your shoots, I recc Danielle Litz, having worked with her and seen her do her job, she is a good choice to consider. Set teachers are not wranglers, they are professional teachers who work off set to ensure the children are safe, they handle all of the forms, hours and signing in and coordinate with parents to help you have a smooth shoot.

If you are looking for a  set nurse, I can also recc 2 that I have worked with and were lovely. Get in touch and Ill give you the info. 

With many thanks,
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